Sunday, January 09, 2011

2011 Goals

Just realized I never posted my yearly goals over here.

1. Take a family free trip with DH (We haven’t had a vacation that didn’t involve family somehow since our Honeymoon with the exception of a quick weekend for our 5th anniversary)

2. Clean out the 3rd bedroom and get it set up as a guest bedroom or additional office

3. Check off 4 items on my DH’s “I’ve never been to:” list and maybe 1 of them will be a new item for me as well.

4. Keep up with my inperson weightloss support group as long as it is a good tool for me.

5. Cook dinner an average of 5 times per week, even if it means using a stashed item from the freezer.

6. Try 1 new recipe a week

7. Be in a full exercise routine by the end of the year that amounts to a minimum of 150 minutes a week but averaging closer to 240 minutes per week.

8. Keep up with the 15 min decluttering/15 min reading per day throughout the year.

May 2011 be a successful year for everyone!


Kristi said...

I really like the decluttering goal. OK - ALL of them are good, but that one especially is something I need to adopt. :)

Deb said...

Thanks :) I was working on that for a New Year challenge and it really did help. I just set the timer on my cell phone for 15 minutes and start working away. Sometimes I stopped when it binged, sometimes I set it again, and sometimes I just kept going and didn't care. It was harder for me to reward myself with the 15 minutes of reading time then it was to do the decluttering :)