Thursday, November 13, 2008


All the recent previews prove that their foreshadowing was correct and that Dr. Green treated the new chiefs child years ago. Anthony Edwards is on RR today so I have to make the decision if I am going to watch that show before or after the episode. Just to be honest, my hormones were so wacky last night that I was bawling each time I saw the preview for tonights show. DH was cracking up because it would last longer if he paused the commerical. He can be sooo mean sometimes ;)

I have vowed to stop whining but I have to tell you... the back cramps I had this summer when my hip muscle was messed up were more easily dealt with than this. The pressure just kills. I just deleted a very nasty self deprecating comment on my tolerance and birth. I really do need to be nicer to myself.

Have a happy day.

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