Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My ER Prediction

Yes, I will admit, I have hung in there until the end. There are few shows that have gone on longer than I was satisfied with and this is definitely one of them but since I liked many of the characters over the years, I hung on. Even now that in the final season, 2 main people have left. But, I have having a hard time with the upcoming previews that show Mark Green coming back for an episode. How the heck are they going to pull a dr, dead for 6 seasons at least now... back in?

My prediction is that Angela Bassett's character has been at County before and that someone she loved, died there. My guess is that Dr. Green was the dr that helped her person.

I am not sure when that episode airs but I really can't imagine how they are going to do it any other way. There are only 2 original characters left, Haleigh and Morganstern. Everyone else is new and Jerry was the desk clerk when Mark died. I don't think Frank was there yet but he might have been. If so, that might be another way to do it is that Frank has another heart attack and sees Dr Green when he is dying.

Anyone else still watching this show? Have any thoughts?


calliope said...

As soon as Haleigh said she looked familiar on her 1st day of chief I KNEW there would be a back story. It feels kind of forced though- her odd moments of pause during certain traumas...totally think you are right.

I used to LOVE this show- but I think after Abby's wedding they should have stopped.

Deb said...

Exactly... It should have ended with the wedding. Even with the ER future in doubt would have been fine by me.