Thursday, November 01, 2007

The sugar crash

So yesterday I went through 2.5 bulk bags of candy plus almost a half box of animal crackers for the mounds of T or Trs that were under the age of 3. Several were under 1. Last year we maybe had 2 that were infants but usually in large groups. This year that wasn't the case.

I ate way too many tootsie rolls and carmels yesterday. I have offered the remainder of the candy to a woman looking to fill some pinantas on freecycle but of course she didn't respond. She asked before trick or treating was over but you would think that she would have checked her email after it was over. I didn't know if I was going to have left overs. I have 2 boxes of lollipops to go back to Sam's club today. I can't eat them anyways because of the evil food colorings!

Today starts a new challenge and hopefully this time I will do a bit better. The challenge that ended today I only succeeded on not buying candy or opening it before Halloween. Yay! I showed a gain this morning but with the amount of candy I ate yesterday I am not surprised at all. Most likely it will be gone in a few days but only if I work on lowering my carbs... blah! I wish I really liked meat.

Anyhow! Im off to get some water.


Carrie said...

It is really hard to resist when you *have* to have it around.

Hope it is easier now x

Calliope said...

I also had lots of babies trick or treating...or should I say I had lots of grown ups using their babies as an excuse to ask for candy from me.
Next year I am going to enforce a new rule: if the kid can't say trick or treat then s/he isn't getting any candy!


Kristi said...

I agree with calliope - I wouldn't give them anything either! People are shameless! The kid should at least be old enough to EAT the candy.