Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Warning TMI ahead

Today has been an interesting day. I am wiped out and would love to take a nap but the workload really doesn't allow for that. I went to my appt this morning and she explained what she was doing and why/what for etc. I took two ibu before I left the house and I think it helped. It was uncomfortable and my body was not cooperating but it wasn't the horrible intense pain that I was expecting from others accounts. I guess I held my breath through part of it and she wouldn't let me get up right away because of that so I had to lay back for about five minutes or so in case I was going to pass out. No issues though.

Then the rest of the fun began. I ran downstairs to get blood drawn and had a comedian for a lab tech. He thinks I should watch the movie "shooter". He highly recommends it. He didn't like the second Bourne movie and hasn't seen the third yet but really liked the first. He was goofy and acted the way I believe my husband would if he did that for a living.

Next stop was scheduling the ultrasound which I couldn't make the appointment that they wanted for me but I do have it scheduled for Friday in the afternoon. I almost panicked and put work first because the owners are going out of town and leaving that day. The last time they both were going out of town for the weekend I was sitting in the hospital with dh for his eye surgery so I am not batting a thousand here but hopefully they will be running on time and it should only take an hour or so. Maybe less...

She is looking for the reason why my periods are coming two weeks apart. I didn't really think that my midcycle spotting was really a period but she said that what I described was definitely a period flow and not just spotting. I did tell her that I spot all the time with abdominal exercise/work, intercourse, just about anything including bowel movements. Why I have right sided back and pelvic pain and some hormone abnormalities. Oh yea, and she is looking inside the uterus for uh... precancerous and cancerous cells. Joy.

Hopefully by the end of next week we will know it all!


calliope said...

oh goodness! What a day! I hope you are totally in nap-ville right now.
Sucks ass that you have to wait a full week for any sort of answers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you've been going though all of this. I hope you get some answers soon.

Kristi said...

Still praying for a good report next week! Hang in there. *hugs*