Thursday, January 28, 2010

Toyota Recall

I am having a rough time with this recall. When it first came out the thoughts were there but eh, no it couldn't of been the cause of my FIL's accident. Then the recall was widened. Now, they have suspended sales of the vehicles involved. No matter if his accident was related to his accelerator sticking... he was still killed and is no longer here. Even if his accelerator stuck he has some fault in the accident if he chose to turn instead of continue straight or veer off the road ahead past into the field. So no matter... he still had a lapse in judgment on how to handle the situation. Or did he? We don't know what he saw in front of him.

Toyota says that it is "more likely to occur with wear and tear" but that it is not certain that the vehicle has been driven for awhile. He had a 2010 Camry for less than 90 days when his accident occurred.

I just hate that every time I hear or read something about the recall I start obsessing. I don't know if I will be able to let it go but I guess I am going to be avoiding the radio today. I need to let it go but I don't know how.