Wednesday, May 21, 2008


That is the sound of time rolling by. I can't believe that Memorial Day is right around the corner. We are headed off to the land of red dirt for the weekend. I will see my father's headstone in person for the first time and we will be at an actual Memorial Day National Cemetery ceremony. I honestly think this will be the first memorial day that is what it was intended to be for us... at least in awhile. I remember watching the National ceremony on TV at my aunt's house when I was a kid but as an adult it hasn't been apart of my Memorial day weekend.

I hear it is already in the 90's down there. This should be interesting as I don't even have a set of sunglasses right now. I tried to find some at Lenscrafters over the weekend and I gave up because my husband said everything looked bad and those that didn't were far too much money. When we get back I am going to have to buckle down and find new frames for both everyday and sunglasses. My frames are not aging well this time around, then again, I wear them everyday.

Anyhow, so hopefully we will find some interesting things to do down there that we haven't before and find some time to hit up the favorites from visits past. I was a bad niece and didn't let my family know that I will be in the area. I figure... if they cared, I would have heard from them sometime over the past 5 years.

I am off to finish up some work before I head into the city jungle. I have to meet with the pet sitter this afternoon. This should prove interesting. I wish we had changed the battery in the code box so that I could just give her the code but nooo... now I have to dig up an extra key by 3pm. :) I think I remember where I hid one.

Have a wonderful extended weekend!

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