Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things I learned over the holidays...

1. That I really did need new boots

2. Time management is really important

3. That not every recipe is written correctly

4. That while my husband may not have cried much over his father's death, he sure is angry about it.

5. That I can't fix that and it sucks

6. Sometimes a change of scene makes it seem okay and that might not be the best way to deal with things.

7. Even five year olds feel grief deeply

8. Extra cherries and staying in your pj's don't fix it for the whole day

9. Supportive family members are the best family members

10. Divorce really does take a long time even though life goes on during it.

11. Facebook can be good for some people

12. While enjoying others children, it really is ok to cry

13. A clean house really does make us feel better

14. An not so pretty trinket box really can be a great gift when a five year old picks the same thing out for her Nana.

15. That my feet probably won't be warm again until April

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Kristin said...

Happy New Year!

BTW, I put up the final Book Challenge post up. If you read anything at all this year (and I know you did) come by and sign in. There are two prizes being given away.