Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Links and Things...

Looking for some inspiration for cooking veggies? Here is a nice site that I came across the other day. There is a breakdown for WW and Low Carb veggie options. I tried one recipe from here already and I liked it... DH, sadly did not but that is because it was Carrots and Pomagrantes.

Remodeling your house? Check out this green remodeling resource for some great info on how to ReGreen.

Curious about why the New York State's Attorney was so upset about the Appraisal ordering process? Here is a good example of bad mortgage brokering These types of orders don't really exist now that the new rules were passed effective May 1st.

And now for a total humbug... a church is being sued for reaching out to the needy?

Sometime imitation is not a good thing... how sad.

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