Friday, June 19, 2009

boring update

So next week we are going on vacation. It feels kind of like cheating since I haven't worked much this month as it is between playing catchup from being behind when my FIL was killed and then not getting much work because I was so far behind. I am hoping and praying that July is busier. If it isn't, then such is life but if August is slow too then I need to find something else to do. I may have to suck it up and get a back to school job anyhow and to do that I need to work in July. So... who knows. Right now, I am not using my time well and I really need to be better at that if things are slow in July.

My husband fell and fractured his elbow and broke something in his wrist on the day of his father's funeral. He went without it casted for 5 or more days but has been in a cast since that first week home. The first week he was in a long arm cast, which, even though I have never had one, has to be one of the most uncomfortable casts possible. Now he is in a short arm cast but he won't be out of it for at least 3 weeks. Which reminds me, I need to make that appointment.

So anyhow, we go on vacation and then the first 3 days we are back, we have doctors appointments. I have two and he has one. Not sure which of us will get the worst of it though. He needs to get a cavity filled but I am going in for a consult with the lung dr about the ct scan I had in May. Should be fun, fun, fun!

Still not feeling creative which is why this is an extremely boring post. I need to get moving on a special project. Maybe I can enlist the kids to help me over the week this week. Hmm... that might now be a bad idea.

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