Monday, April 28, 2008

The Feast Of Love

I recently finished this novel and found myself wanting to pick up something else by Charles Baxter. It offers the satisfaction of short stories, while actually completing the whole picture in a novel format. That probably doesn't make much sense. The author uses a multi narrator format and most of the chapters are complete short stories with a few that leave you wondering what happens next. Some of the chapter narrators only have one chapter, while others come back again later on to tell more of their story.

The book exhibits a diversity of characters and circumstances while it mainly focusing on the love relationships of between and of the characters in the book. I found myself wanting to find a sequel just to know how things worked out for certain characters. I will definitely be checking something else out by this author when I can. It also left me thinking overall about the diversity in my world.

If you don't like narrator switches, this is probably not the book for you. It does only switch at the chapter breaks though and that makes it pretty easy to follow who is leading the story at that time.

Updated: There is a movie based on this book .Guess it is another one for the Netflix Queue.

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