Monday, April 07, 2008

Another ding...

in the SciFi crown. There were Klingon's in the original Star Trek series? Somehow I missed it but I can tell you for certain that they sure as heck don't look like WORF. Maybe I missed it because when I was a kid, the original Star Trek gave me nightmares... or at least the Tribble episode did.

Ah well... life goes on. One of these days I will get it right the first time when Dh is in a Star Trek Zone.

Edited to correct my horrendous mistake :)


Anonymous said...

ding, ding... it's WORF.


Dagny said...

You see, in the original series, the Klingons looked pretty normal.

In a later episode of TNG, Warf mentions 'something we don't talk about', meaning why the old Klingons looked more like humans.

Then, in Enterprise, they explain how it all happened. And well in my opinion. :)

Dagny said...

oops...LMAO@myself. worf. ;)