Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two good things have come my way....

I actually got a CD22 progesterone test done yesterday and the nurse called me today with the results. I wanted to get it done so that I had the info when I go back for my last followup with my ob/gyn from my surgery in a few weeks. The level was 15 for a non-medicated cycle. From everything I can find it seems like that means I ovulated on my own this month. I didn't chart and I wish I would have but oh well, too late now. Of course now to keep my mind off of it for the next several days....

The other good thing was getting some work issues resolved that I have been dealing with for 6 weeks. It's been very trying since the item that I needed to take care of expires tomorrow but it is resolved and in the best way possible so I am a happy camper today.

Better get walking, I'm doing a virtual walk to Lake Michigan with hopefully a completion date by Thanksgiving but I am already behind so off I go!

Have a healthy day!

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