Friday, May 14, 2010

On again, Off again...

I have been purposely avoiding some feelings. I haven't posted because right now I feel so rejected that why bother. Apparently we have been rejected by the organization to adopt a greyhound. Right now, we haven't even been able to get them to return our calls so that we can find out if it is just over the condition of the house or something that could be fixed. I am so confused. She asked us to put the railing back up and we are working on that... it can be done at a moment's notice and would have been if they had called with another dog to meet but since they haven't we have been waiting for the weather to clear so that we can strip it and repaint it. My husband won't work on it in the garage even with drop clothes down because he is worried that the cat might get out there and somehow be impacted by the chemical stripper. Annoying but he has a point I guess since the cat does sneak out there occasionally. The house, it definitely needs painting. If I had been thinking that they would be that judgmental I would have mentioned that we are painting now. It should have been done already but we were sick in April and with running to my MIL's every other weekend basically it doesn't give us much time. Of course, I should have been doing it when we were slow at work but I really didn't want to paint when the windows couldn't be opened because of my asthma. The fence was fine according to the other person but it does need to be repainted. We are opting to replace the top bar instead because some of the caps need to be replaced anyhow. I called one contractor but he hasn't called back. Well, I should say he finally called back after a week and didn't leave a message so I didn't call him back yet.

So obviously, yes the house needs some work but we were in process of doing that. We should have thought ahead and waited until the spring to apply apparently. My question is though... since we are not even good enough to adopt a dog, how the hell are we ever going to be good enough to be selected as parents? Yep, that's my conclusion too... we won't be. What is the point? Seriously... why bother?

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