Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yikes... time is slipping by...

I haven't really been blogging on my weightloss blog either except for weigh-ins. Guess just not in that place at the moment.

Things are going well. I like my support group and am trying to reach out to build friendships with the other members. Some successful...some not so much. I have become more active on Sparkpeople instead of fitday. Part of that was the phone application that is free and part of that was a cleansing process. I have deleted most of my old entries on my weight loss blog about failure and what didn't work before. This journey is different. It needs to have a different ending so it needs a different route. I even locked myself out of my fitday account so that I can't go back and mull over what might have been or what I did before. This has actually helped me to focus on today and not yesterday.

Still no dog in our house. Not sure what is going on... I hope they didn't decide that we weren't a good prospect. I guess I will just follow up when it has been a month but I am not sure what to do.

We have a family Corn beef and Cabbage dinner tomorrow. Early because of some other commitments and events throughout the month. Should be interesting. I am actually going to attempt to make Irish soda bread but haven't decided what recipe I am going to follow.

I have jumped upon the Greek yogurt bandwagon but do not like the Fage 2%. I didn't grab any of the Fage 0% because I found the new Yoplait Greek at a much lower price and it doesn't have HFCS like their other products.

Other than that, DH has been in a bit of a funk. I think partly to do with his brother not really helping out much with his mom and that we have started clearing out the basement of his dads things. He seems to be really interested in planting a garden this year so we are trying to determine the best spot. The previous owners had put it right in line with all the utility wires and everything so not sure that is the best bet but I want it up closer to the house I think. I don't trust the neighbor kids.............

Happy Saturday!


Beth said...

Isn't it nice that the cheaper brands have finally started making greek yogurt! I love the taste, and my Dr from way back got me and DH into it.
It is good to focus on the present instead of re-hashing yesterday over and over again.
Good luck with the pup!

Annie said...

I actually saw some greek yogurt in our stores. I looked all over for it a couple years back and coudn't find it any where. Glad to see it showing up now. I plan on getting some and making gryos (healthy ones though).

Me said...

I'm very impressed with your continued motivation on the weight loss. Good for you!