Friday, September 25, 2009

Story Lines and other things

Is anyone else annoyed at some of the television this season?

I liked Glee until today when I watched the latest episode. I guess I should say, I only watched part of it this time around. The hysterical pregancy story line didn't really tick me off until this episode when her sister said they would just buy them a baby and not tell the husband. But the final draw was the teenage hot tub pregnancy that occured through swimsuits and no penetration. yea... maybe that resolved itself but the fact that it would even be presented as an option just pissed me off so I turned off the rest of the episode.

The other one that really disappointed me was Accidentally on Purpose. I knew the storyline ahead of time and still thought maybe it might be an interesting and funny half hour but it is pretty predictable and well, not that funny.

In other observations, I was very suprised to see that Parks and Recreation came back for another round while Life was cancelled. Big Bang Theory started off with a bang and so did Two and Half Men. I have Grey's on the dvr to watch along with the new NCIS spin off.

Is there anything new on that I might be missing? It seems like there are at least 3nights a week that we will need to find something else to watch or do. It's not necessarily a bad thing as long as I don't allow myself to be sucked into the bad tv just to fill the time. Pretty soon Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives will be over so I think I might see if the library has Brothers and Sisters on dvd as I did like it when I watched it before I just always missed it when it was on. We are still working through 24 so that is an option and we are a season behind on House as well. It just seems like I am missing something about this new tv season. Not sure if it is the simple fact that NBC reduced their lineup by adding Jay Leno at 9pm or what the deal is but maybe I will find something else to fill my time that will be worthwhile. Can't be half bad right?

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Kristi said...

Um, not qualified to answer here since I watch maybe three shows semi-religiously. LOL